Harvest4Hunger Organiser Issues Challenge

Over 120 combines, more than 250 volunteers, and a crowd in the hundreds took part in today’s Harvest4Hunger event near Monkton. They fell short of the world record for harvesting 160 acres. But that record was for a wheat field. The Monkton harvest was 160 acres of soybeans – and they did it in under 12 minutes. Spokesman Randy Drenth issued a challenge at today’s event. Blackburn Agri-Media story.


Harvest of Hunger huge success; Event raises over $250,000 to end hunger

Thousands of people flocked to the Tollenaar farm between Listowel and Monkton, Ontario on Wednesday, October 5th, to take part in Harvest for Hunger. The goal of the day was to set a world record for the fastest time to harvest 160 acres of soybeans and to raise $200,000 for Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The five farmers – Richard Van Donkersgoed, Peter Rastorfer, Mike Koetsier, Randy Drenth, and John Tollenaar – more than realized their goal. Canadian Foodgrains Bank post.


Bean harvest sets record

One hundred and twenty combines. Sixty-five hectares. less than 12 minutes. One world record. “Well, that was fun,” quipped Harvest for Hunger committee chairperson Randy Drenth after the dust had settled on the Monkton-area farm where the quickest soybean harvest on record was completed Wednesday afternoon. Stratford Beacon Herald story.


Harvesting soybeans to fight world hunger

Howard Hughes climbed out of his cockpit. His ground-bound Spruce Goose did not fly. Nor was the roaring metal monstrosity made of wood, like the plane once flown by the famed U.S. aviator of the same name. The metal monstrosity this Howard Hughes rode was actually a combine of the CR9060 New Holland variety. And it was the last in an angular row of 120 combines to harvest 160 acres of soybeans in less than 12 minutes in a field off Highway 23, between Listowel and Monkton, before an estimated crowd of 2,000 on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. Kitchener-Waterloo Record story.


Harvest 4 Hunger World Record Unclear

It isn’t quite clear if Harvest 4 Hunger broke the world harvesting record, but they still posted impressive results. Over 120 combines harvested 160 acres of soybeans outside of Monkton in under 12 minutes. Winkler, Manitoba holds the world record for wheat, but the farmers yesterday were harvesting soybeans which generally take longer to harvest. The event organizers hope to raise $200,000 for Canada Foodgrain Banks. CJCS Stratford Radio 1240 story


Harvest 4 Hunger Just Misses World Record

They just missed the world record, but Harvest 4 Hunger still posted impressive results yesterday. Over 120 combines harvested 160 acres of soybeans outside of Monkton in 11 minutes and 43.59 seconds. But unfortunately, that wasn’t quick enough to beat the current record of 11 minutes and eight seconds set in Winkler, Manitoba. The event organizers are hoping to raise $200,000 for Canada Foodgrain Banks. CJCS Stratford Radio 1240am story. 107.7 fm Stratford Radio story.


Harvesting World Record Set in Perth

They didn’t do it in under 10 minutes but a group of Perth County farmers did set a world record Wednesday. Hundreds of spectators watched as more than 100 combines took to a field on Highway 23, just north of Monkton, setting the world record for the fastest harvest of 160 acres of soybeans. They did it in 11 minutes and 43 seconds. CJBK 1290 London Radio story.


AgTalk/Machinery Talk Thread/Harvest for hunger Pics

For those that weren’t able to make it, here is a random sampling of the action, from the talk on the radio it sounded like they broke the record, though I have no confirmation on that. I do know some machines had issues and did not finish their pass, all in all I have to assume the organizers were happy with the results, but keep in mind I have not conversed with any of them and I don’t know how the auction went. From numbers on the yield monitor, which is no where near accurate moisture was 15.0 to 15.3 yield was showing upper 50’s and i believe hit 60 once, but i was busy snapping pictures, and without further ado here are the pics, should also mention that on the radio they mentioned 120 combines and over 2900 feet of head, to the best of my knowledge there were no equipment smash ups. Kevco post.


AgTalk/Machinery Talk Thread/Harvest for hunger Pics

We brought the Lexion 760 about 60 miles to be there – as the crow flies it would have been about 40 miles! There sure was a lot of dust. Short video can be seen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_TuwkeDJVQ . Volunteers were from everywhere and were much appreciated! Paul VDB post.


Harvest4Hunger Day In Perth County!

The Harvest 4 Hunger world-record attempt goes this afternoon near Monkton.

Worries about rain forced organisors to bump the event from last Friday and again Monday.

The idea is to harvest 160 acres of soybeans in less than 10 minutes to set a world record.

Spokesman Randy Drenth says they’ve got over 100 combines ready to go for this afternoon’s event. 101.7 The One story.


AgTalk Cafe

64 hectares of soybeans harvested in 10 minutes goal… (Monkton, Ontario)


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