9:00 t0 11:00 am — Combine Registration

  •        Combines register in the combine parking lot off Line 60
  •        Once registered they will be assigned a starting location at either end of the field and move to the assigned location.


11:50 am — Combine Operators Meeting

  •        In the farm shop
  •        Lunch provided


Noon — Lunch and Entertainment

  •        Beef and pork on a bun — for a donation to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank
  •        Mitchell Legion Band


12:45 pm — Opening Ceremonies

  •        Welcome — Randy Drenth, Chair, H4H
  •        The Story of H4H — Randy Drenth, Chair, H4H
  •        0 Canada
  •        Julie Behrns Mayor of North Perth/Perth County Warden
  •        Other dignitaries
  •        Canadian Foodgrains Bank representative
  •        Scripture Reading
  •        Prayer of Thanksgiving & Dedication


1:15 pm — Service of Dedication


1:25 pm — Harvest Preparation

  • Combine operators start their engines
  • Organizers check that all is ready


1:30 pm — Harvest Begins

  • Marlin Stoltz, MC
  • Start harvest announcement by CKNX Radio to all the combines


2:00 pm (as soon as possible after harvesting) —Auction of Soybeans

  • Auction of 1 bushel lots
  • Auction of 400 or 500 bushel lots


3:30 pm Wrap-up Comments and Thank Yous

  • Canadian Foodgrains Bank representative
  • H4H spokesperson

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